Monday, October 13, 2008


Breathing in suffering to exhale life.
Light me up again.
Burn in me so deep I am branded.
The seal of the King covering my lips, my eyes, my ears,
My heart.
Let there be no mistaking me for anything other than broken, than Yours.

Picking up Your cross, laying my crown at Your feet.
I own nothing.
Take me to that place with You.
Somewhere I've never been, seen, heard of,
Let there be no word to escape my lips that You haven't uttered.

These words are Yours. You.
This honor.
This favor.
This praise.
I'll hold on to none of it. Not for a moment.
It's Yours.
Yesterday, today, and forever.
Eternally exalted.

Like a tree in a hurricane, I bend for You,
Break for You,
Bow to You.
You bring me to my knees.
My strength fails me.
My hope is in You and my strength is renewed.
I soar on wings like eagle's.
I walk and do not grow weary.
I run and do not faint.

All my days I will follow You.
All my ways will imitate You,
Until my reflection is Yours.

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