Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Facebook, Terrorism, and Unanswered Questions

     Something weird just happened. I was perusing Facebook when a message popped up from a friend. Let me give you some background info before I tell you the message. Firstly, my status right now says - Carrie is ready for change-. Secondly, the message was from one of those people that I have accepted as a Facebook friend but have not messaged, posted on their wall, or talked to since we became Facebook friends. In fact I have not spoken to this person since high school eleven years ago and apparently he is now an actor in New York, NY. Moving on, a message popped up that says - whatever, change = terrorist... just kidding don't hit me-. I obviously and instinctually messaged back - you are a terrorist-. Then I received a message that said - whatever, I am going to bomb you later, you are so unpatriotic-. To which I responded - This is an odd first conversation to have after more than 10 years but, I bleed red... white and blue-. But to my dismay when I hit return it said [Unnamed Person] is no longer on line. Could it be that Unnamed Person thought he was messaging someone else all along and freaked out when he realized it was me, a friend he hadn't spoken with in more than eleven years that he is now accusing of being a terrorist? Or did his computer just quit unexpectedly? Did his internet disconnect? Was there an emergency he had to attend to? Was there a personal terrorist attack on him? Does any of this matter?!

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