Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Talking To One Self Is A Sign Of Genius

     Are there any other folks out there willing to admit that they talk to themselves on a regular basis? To me this is natural, not weird. I honestly do not understand what it would be like to not talk to myself when I am alone. What would I do to entertain myself? I don't mean that I talk to myself as in I have serious conversations with myself. Rather I say straight up hilarious stuff and act super silly and often make myself laugh. I sing ridiculous songs about what I'm doing or thinking and tend to find myself laughing out loud. I think I'm probably the funnest and funniest person in the world to be around when I'm by myself. There in lies the rub. It's almost always only when I am by myself. No one else has the pleasure of being around this core part of me. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe I am afraid others some how won't find me as funny as I know I am. It takes a special person to appreciate me. I'm not sure I mean special in a good way. So far there is only one person that I feel like I completely let the hilarity out with. Her name is Gina Ann Marshall Osbon and her title is My Best Friend for Nearly Fourteen Years. Gina is pretty much a riot in her own right. May God bless you by allowing you in our presence one day. Together we are unstoppable. Over the years I have called Gina many silly nick names. One day I called her genre. When I asked her how that made her feel without skipping a beat she said, "Categorized." Oh man that girl is quick and witty! To all of you who talk to yourselves and make yourselves laugh, I salute you. We've got a lot of funny things to say. It just so happens that sometimes we're the only ones there to hear it.


Anonymous said...

I love this post. and i love you.

Anonymous said...

funny, funny. looks like you don't get on here anymore but I thought I'd let you know anyway you're not the only person who understands how amazingly funny you and Gina both are. heck, we all thought we were the coolest, funniest kids on the block back in the day... and we were so right! Ah, those were the days. anyhow, keep up the "humor for one", genius. who else is gonna make you laugh when you're alone? hehe - C

If you don't ever get this does that mean I'm talking to myself? Genius!