Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 27th Day Parade

Happy October 21st everyone! Aw, in typing that I just realized some sad news. I won't be in town on October 27th. Why is that sad news, you may be asking. Well I'll tell you. Many years ago when the world was still flat I was over at my bestest friends' (Paul and Gina O.s) house on October 27th. As always, we were entertaining ourselves with randomness. On this particular occasion we had dressed up in silly makeshift costumes just for fun. However, we didn't want these costumes to go to waste. It just so happened that Paul's brother Clint lived in that same neighborhood a street or two over so we decided at around 7pm to have our first annual October 27th Day Parade: destination Clint's house. We made a sign on poster board that said OCTOBER 27TH, put in on a stick, and our friend Rachel carried it at the front of our 5 person parade. We marched out of the house and around the neighborhood chanting OCTOBER - OCTOBER - OCTOBER 27TH! We arrived at Clint's house within 15 minutes or so and let him in on our new tradition. Every October 27th since then we have either had our parade or at least called one another to wish a happy October 27th. I am sad the parade is not an option this year due to my absence, but I will be calling to say Happy October 27th dear friends. Don't let the dream die.

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Anonymous said...

Awww...we MUST have our parade next year!